Experience description:
Skydive Port Macquarie is the place to get your skydive on, with post card views and the most beautiful coast line on the Mid North Coast this is an experience you will never forget.. Call us today to book in your next life adventure and adrenaline rush..

Tandem Skydive:
If your looking for your next adventure and want to take the leap then this is for you.


You cant go skydiving without documenting it and in this day and age as the saying goes ” if there is no footage it never happened”, so prove those “non believers” wrong and hook yourself up with this package.
Including a complete skydive experience from the first interview on the ground before you leave, the flight to height, your freefall, canopy ride, and landing completely edited with music , and throw into that about 100+ still images from your skydive experience, you will have these memories for ever.



If you and a loved one or a best mate are keen as mustard or you have magically convinced that one person that said they would never skydive, then this one is for you. Bringing a plus 1 gets both of you a whopping 33% OFF your “Photo/Video Package” , giving you all the social profile & post, visual candy you could ever need, for: 


                                                                          IT’S ALWAYS MORE FUN WITH MORE PEOPLE.


What’s the minimum and maximum age to skydive?
The minimum age is 12 years old and there is no maximum age, however there are some parameters for all skydivers (please read the below point “Do i need to be physically fit to skydive”) . Please NOTE: Any person under 18 years of age needs their parent or guardian’s written permission. 

What Should I wear? 
Please come dressed in something casual that you feel comfortable in and a pair of runners or any enclosed shoe will be fine and again something that your comfortable in. Each tandem passenger is supplied with skydive pants and top for added comfort for your experience.

Weather & Safety?
As Skydiving is a weather dependent sport to keep everyone safe and allow us to have as much fun with each of our tandem passengers and for you to have as much fun as possible we abide by these rules with no exceptions. We do not jump in strong windy conditions or rain. In these instances if weather conditions are not looking favourable usually the day before your scheduled skydive one of our team will be in contact with you to inform you and reschedule your skydive. If weather conditions change throughout the actual day when you turn up for your skydive, sometimes these conditions can change and we will go into a weather hold to allow it to pass OR if it is going to stick around we will reschedule your skydive for another day.

Please understand this is non negotiable and for the safety of all of our Tandem Passengers and our staff.

Family & friends?
Family & Friends are encouraged to be brought along to every skydive to share your experience and be there to cheer you on as you get on the plane and land. The more the merrier.

Weight Restrictions?
For safety reasons, and protocols we must follow the maximum weight to skydive is 115 kg and due to this there are extra charges that apply for all tandem passengers over 95kg. Each tandem passenger is weighed when they check-in and charges are as follows:

  • 95-100kg = $25
  • 100-105kg = $35
  • 105-115kg = $50

Do I need to be physically fit to skydive? 
If you have all round good health then your pretty much good to go. From as young as 12 years old up to seniors over 70, 80 or even 90 years old. However with that being said for the safety of our tandem passengers and our staff, after assessing each tandem passenger based on health, age & weight we do reserve the right to refuse a skydive. If you are not 100% confident in your current situation based on the above info, please give our friendly staff a call today to discuss and double check your eligibility to make sure your scheduled skydive goes to straight forward and to plan rom the start.

Can I Bring my camera with me during the skydive?
Under the rules in Australia only C license skydivers or above are allowed to use a camera during their skydive and due to safety reasons, tandem passengers are not allowed to bring any camera gear with them during the skydive. We do offer a “Photo/Video Package” you can purchase to go along with your Tandem Skydive Experience. 

Payment Methods
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