Skydive Port Macquarie is one of the Mid-North Coast’s premier skydiving schools, featuring top-level, experienced instructors from Australia who use the latest training techniques to pass on their knowledge.

The ability to skydive solo , for sure requires knowledge and skills which you learn during the AFF (Accelerated Freefall) course. Covering everything from, knowing what altitude to deploy your parachute, how to pack your own parachute, how to release the reserve in case of an emergency, and much, much, more… This is your introduction and your first step to being able to skydive solo.

AFF* to A licence Course
*Accelerated FreeFall

The complete course will take you from a complete Newby with no Skydives , through your AFF course and topping it off with walking out at the end of the week with you’re A Licence which then opens the door for you to chase whatever skydive goals and dreams you may have, whether that be doing a 16 way formation skydive , Speed skydiving up to 400 kph and up right through to Wing-suiting. 

The course is run over 7 days (Monday to Sunday) to give you optimal and ample time to complete all ground school and training jumps also allowing for any bad weather days, we aim to do 1 – 3 jumps per day.


The total “AFF to A License” Course cost is $3500 for 7 days of Skydiving and to complete your License.

A $1,000 deposit is required to secure your course.

What’s included with your “AFF to A Licence” Course

15 Skydives, Including:

  • 9 AFF Course jumps – with Gear Hire.
  • 6 Solo jumps – With Gear Hire.
  • AFF Training course
  • AFF Ground school (Full Day)
  • APF Student membership
  • All jumps briefed and debriefed for optimal performance on each stage.
  • Logbook
  • A licence exam