Skydive Port Macquarie is one of the Mid-North Coast’s premier skydiving schools, featuring top-level, experienced instructors from Australia who use the latest training techniques to pass on their knowledge.

The ability to skydive solo , for sure requires knowledge and skills which you learn during the AFF (Accelerated Freefall) course. Covering everything from, knowing what altitude to deploy your parachute, how to pack your own parachute, how to release the reserve in case of an emergency, and much, much, more… This is your introduction and your first step to being able to skydive solo.

AFF (accelerated free fall) COURSE

This AFF course comprises a day of ground school (theory), and a minimum of 9 skydive stages .

During your ground school, you will learn about equipment, safety & emergency procedures, canopy deployment and control, and the super important landing, to name a few . Once ground school is successfully completed, students are ready for their first skydive. 

Learning how to skydive is about progression. Each of the 9 skydive stages consists of a fixed set of manoeuvres that you must perform before you can move on to the next one. For the first three skydives, you will be accompanied by two instructors. For the remaining skydives, you will have just one instructor by your side.

After you pass all 9 levels (skydives) you are an AFF graduate and are ready to do your first solo skydive. From here your next step is to achieve your A license and of course span out to specialize in various disciplines of the sport.


The complete AFF course start to finish for all 9 Skydive stages cost is : $2,700
This amount can be paid up front OR you can go stage by stage and pay as you go at your own pace.
For example stage 1 is only $400
And once completed you can pay for each stage one at a time, whichever is more convenient for you and will get you up in the air flying sooner.

Above total $2,700 costs include:

  • Full day of ground training (prior to stage 1) and standard ground training & preparation for all stages.
  • All equipment required to complete your 9 skydive stages
  • 15-20 minute flight up height to take the leap.
  • Your first freefall skydive!
  • Debrief by your instructors in preparation to continue towards becoming a licensed skydiver.